Saturday, July 31, 2010

So I sold a skull on ebay...

So…I sold a skull on ebay….

Before you think I’m a total creeper, read the story!!

Alex needed a new desk (for his shiny new computer :-P) Emily and I had seen a really nice one at a garage sale a few weekends ago and so when I got home I told Alex about it. We decided to go check it out before church – it was exactly what he was looking for so we decided to buy it for $50. Later that night he was getting it all set up and called me into the room because he “had something to show me”….I walk into the room and he is holding a SKULL! After being totally freaked out for a few minutes (did I need to call the police?!) we realized that it was a skull that they use in medical/dental school (it had the springs on the jaw and some wax on the teeth, looked like they had been practicing on it). We weren’t sure what to do with it so we just put it back in the drawer.

Fast forward a few days…

Alex and I are both at work and he IM’s me telling me that Barker (his friend/coworker) told him that skulls are worth a lot of money! Apparently he had looked into getting one as a decoration once (weird, I know haha) and said they go for a couple hundred dollars! I listed it on ebay and we ended up selling to a really nice man who either collects skulls (yikes!) or is going to turn around and re-sell it. Either way, that turned out to be the cheapest desk ever!!

Before I packed it up I spent some time with the skull (bahahah now I totally sound like a weirdo) and kept wondering what their life was like; what was their name? where did they live? what did they do? did they like Disneyland?

Here are some pictures of our skull...



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  1. Hahahahahahaha this is great. And super creepy. And now everytime I ride Spaceship Earth, I will think of skulls