Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I didn't bring a car with me to Florida. Sometimes taking the bus can be a pain but most of the time I really don't mind it (and my roomies with cars have been more than generous with giving me rides if I need them :D) but tonight was definitely a night that I hope to never re-live!

There were TONS of CM's at westclock waiting to go home and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it on the first bus buuutttt the driver was pretty cool and made sure people made space and we all made it on the bus! We were packed like sardines (which I don't really long as I'm on the bus its good!). Here comes the awful part: the guy next to me had the worst BO so I turned around and the girl that I was facing was eating a warm tuna sandwich with soggy, mushy bread. (and she was making a DISGUSTING smacking noise with it)I wanted to vomit right then and there. I still feel sick and I've been off the bus for almost an hour.




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