Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wedding wednesday: cake

I love pinterest.
Especially the wedding/event boards.
Maybe a little too much.
Which brings me to this week's wedding wednesday topic: cake

According to my quick Wikipedia research, the tradition of a wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire. Thankfully, the tradition has changed a little since then {no more breaking the cake over the brides head!} but it can still be
really fun part of a wedding ceremony!

Since our wedding is somewhat nontraditional, we wont be doing a classic cake cutting ceremony at the luau reception but we will still have a small cake waiting for us in our room that was included in our package{along with a bottle of champagne!}

Since I wont be going through the whole picking a cake process, I have to do the next best thing which is drool over other people's beautiful cakes! This is where pinterest comes in. Here are some of my favorites:
Which one would you choose? {did Rebecca Black's song just get stuck in your head? Mine too...}

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I would go with #2. PS I'm sorry you don't get a cake cutting ceremony. We should have a cake making party and you guys can reenact one. Kitchen Aid............