Wednesday, August 18, 2010

go madre, it's your birthday

Sunday was my Mommy's birthday!! For those of you who don't know, my mom is amazing and I love her :) Unfortunately I had to work during the day so I didn't get to lounge at the pool with her during the day but after I got off, the boys and I headed out to Culver City to meet them for dinner!

We had dinner at Kay 'n Dave's, a really yummy Mexican restaurant with a cool atmosphere. Alex, Trey and I ended up getting there like an hour before we were supposed to because we left really early (I wasn't sure how traffic was going to be!) so we walked around Trader Joe's and tried samples haha

After dinner we went to Saddleranch on Sunset Blvd for drinks and dessert! The mai tais there are amazing so me and my mom split one :) They brought a big cotton candy thing to our table for my mom's birthday and then we also ordered s'mores..mmmmm :)

It was a fun night and I think my mom had a great birthday!

Happy birthday again Mommy, I love you!!!



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